Pointing people to the evidence that God exists

Why we believe is just as important as what we believe, says Gary Gibbs, who was put on the spot on a recent trip to a coffee shop

Sometimes things happen in our lives which seem merely coincidental, but on reflection maybe God had set something up in a mysterious and marvellous way.

Back in February, my wife Sally and I were in a busy coffee shop in Derby. I was enjoying an Americano with (hot) milk; Sally only drinks hot water which is good for the family budget! A couple of young men in their late 20s came in and took the table right next to ours.

What happened next was something you just could not make up…

One of them reached into his bag and pulled out a copy of a well-known book which defends atheism and pushed it across the table towards his friend; then he got out another book on atheism.

Before I knew what I was doing, I was chuckling out loud and asking them, “Is this a meeting of the Derby Atheist Society?”

Read the rest of Gary’s article in the May issue of Direction Magazine


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