Ministers refresh their vow

Ministers refresh their vows

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More than 600 Elim ministers celebrated the Movement’s centenary with a day of prayer and consecration at Birmingham Christian Centre on January 7.


Chris Cartwright
A further 150 leaders gathered in Monaghan, Ireland, the town where Elim was birthed in 1915 by Evangelist George Jeffreys and a group of like-minded men passionate to see a move of the Holy Spirit sweep the country.

At BCC, there were times of worship, prayer, impartation and exhortation from many of the Movement’s leaders, who concluded the event by making a fresh commitment to the call of God.

Mark Pugh and James GlassGeneral Superintendent John Glass told Direction, “When the National Leadership Team and myself called the ‘Day of Reconsecration’, set on the date 100 years after our Movement began, there was no way of knowing what the level of response would be. There was neither registration nor compulsion on anyone to attend.

“The fact that well over 600 ministers attended, including those who had travelled from Scotland in the North and Cornwall in the South, gives eloquent testimony to the commitment that these men and women have, both to the Movement and the ministry.

Phil-Hills“The day flowed seamlessly. The input brought by the NLT, the launch of the centenary anthem by Elim Sound, the honouring of our bi-vocational pastors and the sense of oneness and unity among all of our leaders will remain with me for a very long time.

“The highlight for me personally was the contribution by the much-loved and highly respected veteran minister, John Lancaster, who has given almost 70 years’ service to our Movement. After he had prayed with us, everyone with one voice spoke out in reconsecration of our vows. What a day, what a past, what a future.”

p14-15NLT member Chris Cartwright has been working on the centenary celebrations, particularly ‘Defining Moments’, a 176-page photographic coffee table book showcasing Elim’s past, present and future.

Read the full story and much more inside the February 2015 issue of Direction Magazine!

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