Peter Acreman says that God has freed him from his homosexual lifestyle

Male sex abuse victim says God has healed him after years of pain

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Peter Acreman was abused as a child and turned to sex to escape from the pain. But only when he found Christ did he experience true freedom

A charity shop manager says the love shown to him by other Christians helped free him from a homosexual lifestyle.

Peter Acreman told Direction, “God has changed my life and I want everyone to know that I am set free from my past and that I have a new victorious life. It’s my desire that everyone trapped in addiction would be set free. I want to give all glory to God, who has done this amazing thing for me. I am truly set free; I am free indeed.”

Peter, 48, is a regular at City Temple church, Cardiff. He gave his life to Christ aged 16 but battled homosexual tendencies for many years. “As a child and as an adolescent, I’d been sexually abused by various people, those I should have been able to trust,” he says.

“This led in later years to the feeling that I needed to put this right. As someone who’d been the domineered I desired to become the dominant and do to men what others had done to me.

“I believe that this is when my behaviour changed from being an abused child to a homosexual. I both loved and hated this lifestyle, I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t control my lust. By the time I was about 18, on the surface no one would have known I had a homosexual lifestyle, I was really good at hid
ing. I’d have about eight maybe nine sexual encounters in one day. My lust was deep; I was addicted to homosexuality. I’d tried many ways to stop, but I was addicted and always returned to default action at every chance I could.

“Even after failing in my marriage, getting divorced and hurting someone I loved dearly I was trapped in addictive behavior, spiraling down.

“I became a member of a Christian ministry group to help homosexuals, but that just didn’t work for me for many reasons. Then I tried to make myself accountable to some leaders in the church and allowed them to ask me intimate questions. Finally I started a ‘Freedom in Christ’ course led by one of the elders in the church and an online course called ‘Setting Captives Free’. God gave me the strength to actually commit my walk again to Jesus.”

Peter – who now serves on the worship and welcome teams at his church – believes homosexuality is a sin but says that not judging those caught up in it is vital.

He adds, “Now that I am set free, I know that homosexual lifestyle is sin. But it’s not for us to judge people, rather we should accept people and help them change.

“Sy Rogers, another former homosexual who is fully restored, said that one of the reasons he changed was because people in the church he went to accepted him with no motive. I can also bear witness to this: there were people in City Temple that knew my lifestyle wasn’t right, but loved me.

“People who have homosexual tendencies are to be helped, and praise God I know they can be. I was. Any active sin is wrong, but no one should be labelled. The only label I try to keep is ‘saved by grace’.

Pastor Steve Ball, says that Peter is indeed a changed man.

“I have really noticed a change in Pete in the last two years. As he has grown in his relationship with God and been healed of past hurts he has gained a new confidence.

“He recently returned from a mission trip to Macedonia, and at the end of 2015 he was appointed joint manager of our church’s charity shop. It is a great privilege to see the power of God at work transforming people’s lives.”

See the July 2016 issue of Direction Magazine for more news from the Elim Church

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