Missionary work abroad can be fun and rewarding

How missions work abroad can change your life

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It’s not a cliché – mission trips really do change people’s lives. And Elim Missions can provide you with an opportunity to do just that

We want to see people from all walks of life, from all ethnic back-grounds and of all ages, given the opportunity to serve God overseas in every way possible, working together to see this world changed for Jesus.

Elim Missions can provide volunteer placements in 39 countries of the world. Maybe you have time to spare in your school or university breaks. Maybe, if you are in employment, you could consider taking some annual leave to go and serve others.

A short-term mission has the potential to have great impact in your life.


Missionary work in Cambodia

Missionary work in Cambodia

In terms of what you can do, the possibilities are endless. Elim is a church planting denomination, planting churches all over the world. You may wish to go and serve in a church, by teaching and ministering in a Bible school, leading worship, setting up children’s ministry, training pastors or helping in practical ways.

You may wish to use your vocational skills. We can offer opportunities for nurses and doctors to work in local hospitals, or teachers to assist in schools.

Elim has missions in 27 different countries

Elim has missions in 27 different countries

Similarly, if you are a practical person you may like to help in building/construction etc.

Perhaps you love working with children and young people. We have many opportunities to work in schools, orphanages, children’s and youth clubs and summer camps. Maybe your gift is evangelism.

If so, then perhaps you would like to go and serve in an area where Elim Missions is taking the gospel to unreached people.

While it can sound like a cliché, going on mission really can be a life-changing experience. We have organised placements for hundreds of individuals.

Here are a couple of examples of what people have said their return:

Rachel Munkley, short-term placement in the Philippines, 2013: “I loved every second of it, whether it was a good time or a challenging time. I would not change anything. It was so much more than I could ever have hoped for, and I gained so much more from it that I ever imagined I would. I wouldn’t want to be someone whose eyes and life have not been opened and touched by the people of the Philippines.”

Sarah Whittleston, short-term team to Cambodia, 2015: “A great mission with God doing so many wonderful things in and through us. We were amazed by the vision and commitment of the team there. We feel privileged to have partnered in such a small way and will continue to care deeply for the work of God in Cambodia.”

For more information visit www.elimmissions.co.uk

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