The Elim Leaders Summit

Historic conference as new General Superintendent takes reins of Movement

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Elim Leaders Summit 2016

Expectant was the theme as more than 1,000 leaders flocked to Harrogate for the national Elim leadership summit. It was John Glass’ last conference as General Superintendent as he handed over the leadership of the Movement to Chris Cartwright after 16 years of service

See the July 2016 issue of Direction Magazine for all the best pictures from the conference and the full article below…

Loving people like Jesus loved has led to thousands encountering Christ through the ministry of Causeway Coast Vineyard Church in Northern Ireland. Founding pastor Alan Scott was a guest speaker at the Summit and explains the church’s heartbeat

Dreams were minimal for Alan Scott growing up in a dysfunctional family unit, and certainly the idea of being a visionary leader, gifted communicator and prophetic voice to the Church were far from his agenda.

But after seeing the transformation in his brother’s life as a young man, Alan witnessed the power of God for himself. He has since been devoted to loving Jesus and loving people.

“I grew up in Glasgow in a really broken family,” he tells Direction. “My dad died when I was 18 months old and my mum, processing the pain of that, really spun out of control.

“The idea of dreaming as a kid was far from me, I didn’t have many aspirations at all. Growing up in that environment you kind of grow up hoping not to become something negative rather than dreaming of becom- ing something positive.

“My brother was a skinhead, but he found some people who led him to Jesus and I watched his life for a while and it was a complete transformation.

“He went from kicking the living daylights out of me with his Doc Martin boots on, to being gentle, generous and kind – he’s one of my heroes still.”

See more of what’s inside the July 2016 issue of Direction Magazine


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