Believers should not be divided over the EU referendum, says David Holdaway

In? Out? What is the EU Referendum all about for Believers?

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Christians should unite and call upon God for his kingdom to come rather than be divided over the issues of this month’s European referendum, urges Elim minister David Holdaway

Elim minister David Holdaway

Elim minister David Holdaway

Three men were visiting the Grand Canyon in Arizona – an artist, a minister, and a cowboy. As they stood on the edge of that massive void, each responded with a cry of exclamation.

The artist said, “Ah, what a beautiful scene to put on canvas!” The minister exclaimed, “What a wonderful example of the handiwork of God!” While the cowboy sighed, “What a terrible place to lose a cow!”

Perspective is a powerful and strange thing. During WWII General Creighton Abrams, an American tank commander, found himself and his troops surrounded on all sides.

With characteristic optimism he told his officers, “For the first time in the history of this campaign, we are now in a position to attack the enemy in any direction!”

Different people can look at the same situation and information and come to totally different conclusions. The referendum on June 23 of whether or not the UK should stay in or leave the European Union is such a case in point.

I have been asking a number of my friends recently if they have made their mind up how to vote. Some are passionate that we must leave and others equally persuaded we should remain.

They all give good arguments and reasons for their decisions. Several others were undecided, more likely to vote to leave than stay but admitting they could go either way. All of them are Christians who are praying about what they should do.

Something rather amusing happened when I asked one couple if there were ‘inners’ or ‘outers’? The husband smiled and said, “Are you referring to my belly button?” Since then I have been a bit more specific!

The coming referendum is one of the most important political, economic and social decisions that will face us as a nation this year, and its result will impact generations to come.

For many of us we will probably never have such a vote again in our lifetime. Watching and listening to the debates and constant coverage it does feel at times a bit like the European ‘Hokey Cokey’ – ‘in out, shake it all about’.

According to opinion polls (if you still think they are a good guide) the vote could go either way and we are being warned by both sides of the dangers and calamities we face if we don’t follow their leadings and pleadings.

Read David Holloway’s full article along with our spiritual guide to the EU referendum in the June issue of Direction Magazine


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