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Chip off the new block
Chip K is a household name in British youth circles. We spoke to the man behind the crazy hair and the lively dance moves

With his trademark mohawk, stage dives and boundless energy, it’s no surprise that Chip Kendall continues to reach thousands of young people through his music ministry. As well as serving as Creative Arts Worship pastor at !Audacious Church, Manchester, with his wife, Helen, he’s released three albums with the Chip Kendal Band, who are in huge demand having performed at several festivals around the world including Big Church Day Out. Before establishing his band, Chip was no stranger to touring, having spent the previous 11 years with thebandwithnoname, whose biggest hit was a heavy rock version of Amazing Grace. Chip explains how he was raised to have no fear of performing on stage, even as a child.

“My dad was a worship pastor of a really big church in Florida of about 2,000 people. We would pack out our local football stadium with these really big productions. Because my dad was the worship pastor he would put his kids up on stage right from an early age. “I learned the 50 states rhyme and I sang it in front of thousands of people in a big stadium and that wasn’t a big deal to me because I did it all the time. Other people were daunted by that, but I developed a confidence early on. By the time I was 16 I was already recording albums and touring with my family.” But Chip’s passion for reaching others stems from a major encounter he had with the Holy Spirit at the age of ten.

This article is from the September 2017 issue of iBelieve Magazine. Order your copy today…

“We’re seeing God do some really great stuff and many kids are getting saved.”

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