Brexit and Trump – J.John takes the long view

brexit and trump j.john takes the long view


Last year threw some political surprises with Brexit and Donald Trump’s presidential victory, but where is God in the midst of all the chaos? He’s always in control, says J.John

Many of us are still adjusting to the second great political upheaval of the past year. For some it is a time of delight and for others one of dismay. Although there will be deeper and wis-er analysis of these events, one obvious common featuramerican brexite of the Brexit referendum and the US presidential election is that they were not so much won by the winners as lost by the losers. They were both fundamentally protest votes; an assertive anti-establishment protest by those who feel hard done by against those in power who they hold responsible for their plight.

A second – and troubling – feature is that they were not good, clean cam-paigns. There was far too little truth and honesty and far too much of the sound-bite, the allegation, and the subtle play on fear, hatred and greed. So what do I as a Christian make of it all? I am reminded of the great passage in the Gospels (Matthew 22:15–22) where Jesus is asked about paying taxes to Caesar, the seemingly all-powerful and hated head of the Roman occupying power. The well-known conclusion of the account is Jesus’ statement: “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.”

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‘Ultimately, it is God who rules and those in power are responsible to him – whether they acknowledge it or not.’

‘His power and authority never suffers a crisis at the ballot box.’

‘You may feel disturbed or even depressed at events, but be reminded that behind and above all the turbulence of our world stands our unchangeable and eternal Almighty God.’

‘God’s power never suffers a crisis’

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