Ben Cooley - Putting an End to Slavery

Ben Cooley – Why I Dare to Believe We Can End Slavery

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Why I dare to believe we can end slavery…

Once working hard to become an opera sensation, Ben Cooley is now using his voice to stand up for the vulnerable, believing he can put an end to modern-day slavery. And he’s making quite the noise, as Pete Wooding found out…

At the peak of his career as a successful opera singer, Ben Cooley seemed the most unlikely candidate to head an organisation to fight trafficking that would win the Prime Minister’s backing. But one night changed everything! After hearing that there were still 27 million victims of human trafficking across the world, Ben believed the impossible: that he could mobilise a team to put an end to modern-day slavery.

That challenge led him to launch Hope for Justice, which began with just himself and a wobbly desk. Fast forward a few years, and Ben is the charity’s CEO, which recently received the backing of PM Theresa May. The organisation – which is working across three continents – was also invited to the White House to brief President Donald Trump.

Ben has put his remarkable story into print, penning ‘Impossible Is A Dare’ chronicling the journey so far. “The whole book is this dare to believe that we can live in a world free from slavery,” Ben tells iBelieve. “We, as architects of this world, can create a world free from slavery and it’s a dare to the reader to join us in this campaign.


This article is from the October 2017 issue of iBelieve Magazine. Order your copy today…

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