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Daniel Kolenda – Starting at the Bottom

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Starting at the bottom…

He began life in ministry in the product warehouse, but today Daniel Kolenda is president of one of the largest and most influential evangelistic ministries in the world. He spoke exclusively to iBelieve.

As a fifth-generation preacher’s kid, Daniel Kolenda didn’t wait too long until he started sharing the gospel at the age of 12 in Florida. It was a bold move for someone so young, but God was at work in the young man, who would go on to lead a major
ministry. “I would ride my bike down the streets in my neighbourhood, knocking on the doors of the houses, and when people would answer the door I would say to them, ‘If you were to die today and you stood before God and he said, “Why should I let you into heaven?” what would be your answer?’” explains Daniel, who today is the president and CEO of Christ for all Nations, the ministry founded by German evangelist Reinhard Bonnke.

“Most people just kind of chuckled. It was funny to see a kid being so bold like that. But it was just part of the way God made me – I wanted to see people come to Christ. I would often stand up and preach anywhere I could find an audience, including in restaurants, cinemas, in front of bars and in parks.” Even from the age of eight, when Daniel accepted Christ, he knew there was a calling on his life to preach and tell others about Jesus. “At that time, I felt called into missions,” he says. “If you asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up I would say, ‘I want to be a missionary to Africa.’ I really had no idea what that meant, but certainly I could see how the hand of God was leading and guiding me, even at that early age of my life.”

This article is from the November 2017 issue of iBelieve Magazine. Order your copy today…

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