Being Lazy Will Mean You Fail – Paul Mercy

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Being Lazy Will Mean You Fail – Paul Mercy

Fighting laziness is a necessity for any Christian, and especially for ministers, says retired pastor.

There is no end of column inches describing the lazy and the hardworking man in the book of Proverbs. The famous evangelist DL Moody once said that God could save any man, except a lazy one.

AoG pastor, the late David Powell, said that there were three major problems in ministry: laziness, money and the opposite sex. After pastoring for many years myself, I think he was about right, and I always maintained that hard work in ministry was the only way to go.

Only recently, an AoG minister came to me and said he had wanted to tell me something for a while. He said he wanted to thank me for showing him that nothing can be achieved in the kingdom of God
without hard work.

Ministers fighting against laziness must apply a careful discipline in their lives.

A minister is not like others. He isn’t tied to office hours or regulated by conditions determined outside of himself. He is, so to speak, his own master in reference to men, not of course with reference to God.This exposes him to serious dangers and temptations.

Probably the most dangerous is wasting his time, particularly in the morning. All the great men of God I have ever known were early risers, without exception, and spent much of the morning with the Lord.


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