Inspiring insights from men and women who proved God


Heroes of the FaithThis encouraging publication is packed with articles and accounts of past revivals that will inspire and challenge everyone who has an interest in our Christian heritage.

Explore the lives of outstanding church heroes including Smith Wigglesworth, John Wesley, George Whitefield, CS Lewis, Jonathan Edwards, Fanny Crosby, Evan Roberts, Oral Roberts, Donald Gee and Kathryn Kuhlman, plus many, many more…

• Be amazed by accounts of trust and dependence on God

• Be moved by tales of courage in the face of adversity

• Be stirred by sermons from men of God of the past

• Learn how you can become a Hero of the Faith

Heroes of the Faith is the perfect complement to your Christian resources and also makes a perfect gift.

We feel confident you will want to add every issue of this inspiring resource to your library. All back copies are currently available while stocks last.

Why not appoint a representative to order copies for the members of the congregation? If your church doesn’t have a representative, why not consider taking on this important role and perhaps sparking a new move of God in your church?

What people say about Heroes of the Faith

“These powerful stories show that God can do extraordinary things with ordinary people.”

John Glass – General Superintendent, Elim Pentecostal Church

“This morning I have been reading Heroes of the Faith July – September 2014. I have found it full of challenge and encouragement. Great voices from the past but those from the present are telling us to emulate them and their passion for the Word, Christ, the Holy Spirit and reaching the lost. Thank you for faithfully putting this publication together.”

David Shiels, Assembly of God minister

“As a lover of church history I recommend Heroes of the Faith as a great resource to Christians of all ages & strata in society as an invaluable book of courage, comfort and wisdom for life. Pray that the stories of old spur you on to create modern day stories for yourself.”

Glyn Barrett – Pastor, Audacious City Church, Manchester

“A truly inspirational read. This really has spurred me on to do bigger and better things for God.”

Steve Legg, Evangelist

“Thank you for the opportunity to read Heroes of the Faith. I have been inspired again reading these stories of incredible faith and courage.”

Luke Brough – Senior Minister Elim Christian Centre National Leader Elim Churches of New Zealand

“Thank God for those who have gone before us – ‘the Heroes of the Faith’. Their example and passion provides us with both encouragement and challenge as we express our faith in 21st century Britain.”

Steve Clifford – General Director, Evangelical Alliance