Who are your Heroes of the Faith?

Heroes of the Faith is an encouraging collectable magazine packed with inspiring insights from great men and women of God who have gone before. Each issue will inspire and challenge anyone who has an interest in our Christian heritage and can be built into a revival library with our official Heroes of the Faith binders.

Every issue explores the lives of some of the great heroes of the Christian faith, including: Smith Wigglesworth, John Wesley, George Whitefield, CS Lewis, Jonathan Edwards, Fanny Crosby, Evan Roberts, Oral Roberts, Donald Gee and Kathryn Kuhlman, plus many, many more. Some articles might draw inspiration from names already familiar to you, while others will introduce you to heroes who might quickly become your new favourites.

Heroes is a must-read for every passionate Christian

Read powerful testimonies inside Heroes of the Faith


Each issue of Heroes is packed with powerful testimonies from men and women who proved God.


Real lives

Famous names

Amazing stories


Re-live revivals of old, and be inspired afresh by the lives of the men and women God used.


Famous events

True stories

Lesser-known details

Re-live revivals of old inside Heroes of the Faith
Men and women who paid the ultimate price for their faith


Read the accounts of men and women who paid the ultimate price for their faith.


Real situations

Real people

Real life

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What People Say About Heroes of the Faith

These powerful stories show that God can do extraordinary things with ordinary people.
John Glass – Former General Superintendent, Elim Pentecostal Church
This morning I have been reading Heroes of the Faith July – September 2014. I have found it full of challenge and encouragement. Great voices from the past but those from the present are telling us to emulate them and their passion for the Word, Christ, the Holy Spirit and reaching the lost. Thank you for faithfully putting this publication together.
David Shiels, Assembly of God minister
As a lover of church history I recommend Heroes of the Faith as a great resource to Christians of all ages & strata in society as an invaluable book of courage, comfort and wisdom for life. Pray that the stories of old spur you on to create modern day stories for yourself.
Glyn Barrett – Pastor, Audacious City Church, Manchester
A truly inspirational read. This really has spurred me on to do bigger and better things for God.
Steve Legg, Evangelist
Thank you for the opportunity to read Heroes of the Faith. I have been inspired again reading these stories of incredible faith and courage.
Luke Brough – Senior Minister Elim Christian Centre National Leader Elim Churches of New Zealand
Thank God for those who have gone before us – ‘the Heroes of the Faith’. Their example and passion provides us with both encouragement and challenge as we express our faith in 21st century Britain.
Steve Clifford – Former General Director, Evangelical Alliance

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Featuring over 310 Heroes across over 43 issues.

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Issue #1
Smith Wigglesworth, Wynne Lewis, Olive Reeve & Harriett Fisher, Jim Elliot

Issue #2
George Jeffreys, Teddy Hodgson, Jonathan Edwards

Issue #3
George Whitefield, Hudson Taylor, Alan Benson, Fanny Crosby

Issue #4
Oral Roberts, Azusa Street, TB Barrett, Phoebe Palmer

Issue #5
Donald Gee, Jack Coe, Lady Jane Grey, the Oxford Martyrs, Raymond Wetzel

Issue #6
John Wesley, Shaftesbury, Lawrence & Margaret Livesey, Kathryn Kuhlman

Issue #7
William Tyndale, Charles Finney, the Authorised Version, David Wilkerson, Minnie Adams

Issue #8
CS Lewis, John Stott, Benson Idahosa, Katharina von Bora (Luther’s wife), Derek Prince

Issue #9
Rees Howells, CT Studd, Cassie Bernall, Hugh Latimer, Bendigo, top boxers who follow Christ

Issue #10
Maria Woodworth-Etter, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, John G Lake, Reinhard Bonnke, John Harper

Issue #11
Eric Liddell, Frank Jenner, Jan Hus, Aimee Semple McPherson, Chuck Colson

Issue #12
Gladys Aylward, Billy Graham, Evan Roberts, George Fox, WFP Burton

Issue #13
Wilberforce, Susanna Wesley, Jock Troup, Leonard Ravenhill, Oral Roberts, Douglas Scott

Issue #14
Alexander Boddy, DL Moody, Sarah Edwards (wife of Jonathan), Keith Green, Ira Sankey

Issue #15
Charles Finney, William Branham, John Newton, Colonel Sanders, Ruth Gnanaprakasam

Issue #16
CS Lewis, William Tyndale, Madame Guyon, Ernest Gordon, Henry Garlock, EM Bounds

Issue #17
Amy Carmichael, TL Osborne, Demos Shakarian, Charles Wesley, DL Moody, Augustine

Issue #18
RM M’Cheyne, Fred Ramsbottom, Martin Luther, Elizabeth Fry, William Booth, Steve Hill

Issue #19
WFP Burton, John Calvin, Andrew Murray, Leonard Ravenhill, Bapa Timmy, Jane Haining

Issue #20
Stephen Jeffreys, Percy Brewster, Hudson Taylor, Billy Graham, Sri Lanka, Martyrdom

Issue #21
Praying Hyde, Daniel Rowland, David Wilkerson, Derek Prince, Paul the Apostle, EM Bounds

Issue #22
CH Spurgeon, George Jeffreys, Smith Wigglesworth, Jonathan Edwards, William Booth

Issue #23
Dr Barnardo, George Fox, Job Gnanaprakasam, Eric ‘Bash’ Nash, Polly Wigglesworth

Issue #24
Aimee Semple McPherson, Fred Watson, William & Catherine Booth, William Carey

Issue #25
Sadhu Sundar Singh, John Carter, Mary Boddy, Foxe’s Martyrs, Roberts Liardon

Issue #26
John Alexander Dowie, Florence Nightingale, Edward Jeffreys, Maria Yudina, Peter the Apostle

Issue #27
George Beverly Shea, Francis Schaeffer, Christmas Evans, John Frith, Donald Gee

Issue #28
Elisabeth Elliot, Chuck Colson, Jeremiah Lanphier, William Grimshaw, the Babworth Pilgrims

Issue #29
Thomas Coram, Ruth Graham, Martin Luther, Charles Parham, William Cowper, CH Spurgeon

Issue #30
James Clerk Maxwell, Mary Slessor, Billy Richards, The Cambridge Seven, John Milton

Issue #31
Howell Harris, HM The Queen, Martin Luther, Anne Askew, Desmond Doss, Lester Sumrall

Issue #32
Miracle of Dunkirk, Watchman Nee, Oral Roberts, JS Bach, Maria Woodworth-Etter, JC Ryle

Issue #33
George Jeffreys, George Whitefield, Stephen Jeffreys, Agnes Ozman, Reinhard Bonnke

Issue #34
Polly Wigglesworth, Howard Carter, TL Osborn, James Berry, Balfour Declaration, Billy Graham

Issue #35
Hildegard von Bingen, Hudson Taylor, Douglas Scott, James Salter, Ian Squire

Billy Graham, Mordecai Ham, Battle with Bible Truth, Gold, Glory & Girls, Joan Winmill, Richard Carr-Gomm

Issue #37
Thomas Cranmer, Tom Mercy, St Paul, Cyrille Regis, Edwin Orr, Lottie Moon, Special Israel

Issue #38
Helen Roseveare, John Bunyan, George Müller, Benjamin Ingham, Rees Howells, serving the poor

Issue #39
Barnes Wallis, Donald Wiseman, Michael Green, Cecil Frances Alexander, John Bardford, Chad

Issue #40
John Wycliffe, Jonathan Goforth, Billy Nicholson, Sophie Scholl, James Irwin, Oswald J Smith

Issue #41
Florence Nightingale, Steve Hill, The Hebrides, 40 issues of Heroes, Blandina and the martyrs of Lyon

Issue #42
John Bunyan, Pilgrim’s Progress, Women’s ministry, Mr Eternity, William Booth, Trevor Goddard

Issue #43
Corrie ten Boom, Fred Rogers, Moody’s miracle, John Calvin, Harry Dring, Simon of Cyrene