10 Ways To Unlock Kingdom Culture – Brian Houston

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Kicking off our leadership focus is Hillsong leader Brian Houston, who argues it’s never too late to BE the culture you want to SEE within your organisation or team…

Everything has a culture. Your life has a culture, your marriage, your home, your business, our churches have a culture… If you’re a leader, it is you who sets that culture.

Over the years I have been repeatedly asked the question, “How do you guys build such a strong culture?” When Bobbie and I began Hillsong Church more than 30 years ago, we didn’t set out to build a particular kind of culture. Back then, there was no one else to sweep the floor after the service, or
open the door and welcome others or pick up people to bring them along to our
church. We had to BE the culture.

And that is what I have discovered – you cannot build the culture unless you are prepared to BE the culture. Any culture is only ever as strong as its lowest common denominator. It’s not enough just to decide on a particular culture you want, because if you have people on your team with a different spirit, then that is where the pace and level of your culture will be set. Build a culture around faithful people. Faithful people in your organisation are the ‘culture carriers’. They are the ones who will teach
others the collective habits long after you have left. They will carry the vision and make
the changes necessary to maintain the heart and purposes of your mission.

So, these are the ten cultural responsibilities I ask our staff to embrace when it comes to setting the tone and framework for Hillsong Church. If you are leading a business, then adjust accordingly… it is never too late to BE the culture you want to see!

Be a ‘can-do’ person

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