The 6th edition of this popular and engaging brochure about the origins of life is now available

Latest scientific evidence supports theory of Intelligent Design

The Delusion of Evolution coverThe Delusion of Evolution is a high-quality, 68-page, magazine-style booklet, which is an invaluable resource for everyone interested in the origins of life.

Presented in a clear and accessible magazine format, the scientific evidence is strong and credible, demonstrating the case for Intelligent Design and inviting readers to discover their Designer for themselves.

In addition to affirming faith in our Creator and helping readers respond positively to books such as Richard Dawkins ‘The God Delusion’, The Delusion of Evolution is perfect for anyone who finds evolution a barrier to faith. It is also an excellent resource for students studying biology.

Having already sold more than 45,000 copies, this revised and expanded sixth edition of The Delusion of Evolution has been completely redesigned in a smaller, more convenient format.


To help promote or advertise The Delusion of Evolution, you can download an image of the cover in three sizes:   small (270Kb)      large (983Kb)


Features in the sixth edition include:

• Earliest bacteria more complex than Boeing 747
• The two languages of God! DNA’s double meaning
• Seeing is believing: research shows eye is optimal design
• Genetic meltdown shows evolution is impossible
• Massive evolution experiment fails
• Exposing the holes in evolutionary dating
• Things your biology teacher never told you
• Nature’s nanotechnology shows every sign of design
• Why Richard Dawkin’s algorithms fail to convince
• Cambrian fossils rock the foundations of Darwinism
• Butterflies – metamorphosis shows stunning design
• Why evolution fails the physics test
• The incredibly fine tuning of the universe
• Mother Earth – the perfect planet
• Why beauty is more than skin deep
• The ABC of how to discover your Designer


Excellent value for money

The Delusion of Evolution represents excellent value for money at just £3.50 per copy, while we also offer substantial discounts on bulk orders in order to help bring this publication to as wide an audience as possible.


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What people say about The Delusion of Evolution

[quote_box_center]”The Delusion of Evolution certainly contains a lot of information and I like the way you have tried to tackle the subject on multiple platforms. The magazine gives some clear and concise explanations of the ideas involved in the growth and development of the evolution theory – and offers credible explanation of the flaws in the theory and the alternative possibilities. You’re obviously trying to make some complicated scientific wranglings accessible to the average reader and I think you’ve achieved that.”[/quote_box_center]

Mike Swain

[quote_box_center]”Keep up the sterling work – the amazing ‘The Delusion of Evolution’ should be a compulsory read for school children!”[/quote_box_center]

Malcolm MacDonald

[quote_box_center]”An excellent booklet! It covers the topics in a very clear and accessible way, and is very suitable for non-Christians and Christians, at the right price and quality standard.”[/quote_box_center]

Colin Garner PhD, Professor of Applied Thermodynamics

[quote_box_center]”The Delusion of Evolution helps people realise the weakness of the hypothesis of evolution. I enjoyed its breadth, touching on astronomy, geology, biology and other disciplines. It’s layout, pictures and short pithy paragraphs will help people to know they have a choice. Brilliant!”[/quote_box_center]

N Gillard, Guildford

[quote_box_center]”The confident, uncompromising attitude is extremely refreshing, and the scientific input is strong and credible. An excellent resource for our congregations and particularly our secondary school children”[/quote_box_center]

Stephen Redman, Minister, Ark Church, York

[quote_box_center]”Thank you very much indeed for Edition 5 of evidence for intelligent design over evolution. I am most grateful and wish your work to prosper and inform everyone more and more”[/quote_box_center]

Ralph Pattisson, Newcastle Upon Tyne


Delusion of Evolution

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