The Power of Prayer – How God Beat My Cancer

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The power of prayer astounded a family and docs when Max Rabito was diagnosed with cancer, reports Ben Hampshire

When doctors told Max Rabito the diagnosis of his illness was cancer, his first response was to turn to his local church. Less than a month later and following a prayer campaign, scans revealed the cancer had gone.

Max – full name Massihiliano – originates from Sicily but now lives in the Welsh town of Neath and is a regular at Bethel Elim… the church that would become crucial when life took a turn for the worse last summer after Max got a severe pain in his stomach.

Max Rabito was taken to hospital with pain in his stomach

“I drove straight to hospital but could barely get out of the car because of the
pain,” he recalls.

“They took me in and X-rayed my stomach and chest. When the X-ray came back the doctor asked me why I had not told him about the breathing problems, the cough and phlegm on my

“At this point I asked if it was cancer and they said they did not know but would do a scan on my stomach first because that’s where the pain was, then they’d worry about the lungs.

“After a short while, the consultant decided to do a PET scan on both my
stomach and lungs.

“The scan of my stomach was clear but they were still concerned about the lesions on my lungs but wanted the radiologist to look at the scan pictures before making a decision.” Max was immediately admitted to a ward and put on a high dosage of painkillers before consultants explained the severity of his diagnosis.

He adds, “They had by now decided that any further treatment would be best done at a local hospital nearer to home so they referred me back to Neath Port Talbot Hospital.

“I went home for the weekend very ill and was then due to see the consultant the following week on August 24. It was August 16, the day after my diagnosis, so I decided to pick up the phone and speak
with my pastor, Ian Anderson.”

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