Tiffany Johnson – God saved me from a shark attack


God said me from a shark attack

Woman cried out to Jesus during snorkelling ordeal

Mum-of-three Tiffany Johnson believes Jesus saved her life after a tiger shark tore off her arm from below the elbow. The 32-year-old from North Carolina was snorkelling off the coast of the Bahamas when the shark appeared and locked its jaws around her arm. But she believes God stepped in to save her. She said: “I look  back at my response, and the first thing I said was, ‘Help, help me Jesus!’ “That ministers to me; I cried tears about how the first thing that came out was him. Thank you, Jesus, that I relied on you when I had nothing else.”

After wrestling with the animal, Johnson escaped the shark’s grip but lost her hand and the lower section of her arm in the attack. Johnson compared the stillness in her heart immediately after the incident to the peace that, ‘surpasses all understanding’, as described by Paul in Philippians 4:7. She added: “When the Lord says a peace that surpasses all understanding, that was it; I was living that.”

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