iBelieve Magazine July 2016 issue

iBelieve Magazine July 2016

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  • After suffering a breakdown, Angela Parker put her past hurts behind her at a Billy Graham crusade
  • Learning that God loves her helped Rachel Jones turn away from self-harm
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  • American basketball superstar Kevin Durant praises God as he reaches the pinnacle of his career
  • Olympic rower Sarah Chaudhery describes how God used sport to bring her back to faith
  • MK Dons defender Jordan Spence says his faith in Jesus Christ is the driving force of his career
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  • Two mouthwatering marinades for meat on your summer BBQs
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  • Trust God in every area of your life and you will enjoy peace, writes iBelieve columnist Joyce Meyer
  • Wealth is measured in what you give not what you have, explains Christian activist Matt Bird
  • Man up and learn to use your testosterone to learn how to pray wild, says Carl Beech
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  • iTech Five fantastic gadgets that festival goers and campers will love
  • Why I Believe Georgia Bond got more than she bargained for in New York
  • Going Places  Stuttgart is full of surprises as a holiday destination
  • Devotion Brian Houston gives his ten top tips to show you how to create a kingdom culture within your organisation or team
  • Favourite Things Premier Christian Radio programme director Dave Rose chooses the things he loves
  • #TrendingNow The tweets that are trending about faith and life
  • Time Out Two packed pages of brain teasers and fun
  • Your money Finance expert Jeff Lestz starts a new column answering readers’ questions
  • iReviews The best in Christian books and music with Rachel Issitt
[/td_text_with_title][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][td_text_with_title custom_title=”from the editor”] Peter Wreford July 2012

The fact is simple – either Jesus rose from the dead or he didn’t…


Sitting in a waiting room the other day I got chatting to a retired gentleman about this and that.

It turned out that he had been brought up as ‘a good Catholic boy’ on the wishes of his grandmother. Not that it did him much good – as he ruefully told me, he was pretty certain that God did not exist.

The fact is simple – either Jesus rose from the dead or he didn’t. If he did, then God very much exists, loves us deeply, and has a richly-defined purpose for each and every one of our lives.

And that is exactly what so many people experience.

Take Rachel Jones for example, a young lady tormented by the death of so many close to her.

Years of sadness and self-harm were brought to an abrupt end when she realised the wonderful truth that God loved her. You can read Rachel’s story on page 20.

At the other end of the scale, actress and model Phina Oruche seemed to have it all.

But somehow her success still left her trying to fill the emptiness inside – until she heard her makeup artist’s gospel music, that is.

“You might be the only Bible some people encounter,” she says, “so let God shine through you. Let them see how Jesus is the real solution to that God-shaped hole in their heart.”

Then there’s fun-loving Georgia Bond, who headed to New York to study and found so much more than she was looking for.

So I beg to differ with my waiting room friend, although we do agree on one thing.

For him, organised religion is a big con and, as I pointed out, if you read the Gospels you’ll find that Jesus felt the same way too!



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