God Was With Me – I Was Saved From ISIS Terror

A TEENAGER who was forced to flee her home town as it was seized by ISIS believes God helped her escape the terrorists.

Remarkably, Helda Hindi has been able to return to her home town, which was seized by the extremist group and is known for being a Christian city. She said: “We had only God and we never stopped believing in his power and his mercy for all those hurting in Iraq and around the world.

“My family, friends and relatives never felt that God was far away. As far as I can see into the past, God has been with me always.

“God is with me everywhere and I make sure to always keep nearby some pictures of Jesus Christ and
a Bible.”

Helda spoke of the night of August 6, 2014, when the terrorists struck. She said: “Alarm bells
rang out in our streets – we had to escape the living hell of violence and terrorism.


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