Atheist Reporter Who Made Headlines – Lee Strobel

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MOVIE MADE OF MAN’S STORY – At the peak of his career as an award winning journalist at the Chicago Tribune, Lee Strobel’s world was turned upside down when his wife Lesley did the unthinkable and became a Christian.

As a dedicated atheist, Lee didn’t know how to deal with the changes he was seeing in his wife, which resulted in a traumatic turn for the worse in their relationship.

“There were stresses on every aspect of our marriage, because suddenly our values were different,” explained Lee.

“We met when we were 14 years old and we got married when she was 19 and I was 20. So, we’d known each other very well for quite a long time and our values were always aligned. “But after she became a Christian, suddenly every aspect of our life was up in the air.

Behind the scenes, she was praying for me, which I didn’t know. “She was very passionate about helping to reach me with the gospel message, but I was resistant and when she would try to bring it up I would lash out.”Lesley continued to try to reach her husband by leaving Bible verses on notes on a mirror or leaving Bibles open with Scriptures underlined.

Lee said that eventually her efforts started to have an impact: “There were positive changes in her character and values that intrigued  me and so I decided to go to church with her where I heard the gospel for the first time.” Still unconvinced, Lee used his investigative journalism skills to disprove his wife’s beliefs.

But during his quest to debunk the claims of Christianity he came face-to-face with unexpected results that changed everything he knew to be true. After meeting with several respected theologians and scientists he was unable to disprove their claims including the resurrection of Christ.

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