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God Was With Me – I Was Saved From ISIS Terror

A TEENAGER who was forced to flee her home town as it was seized by ISIS believes God helped her escape the terrorists. Remarkably, Helda Hindi has been able to return to her home town, which was seized by the extremist group and is known for being a Christian city. She said: “We had only God and we never stopped believing in his power and his …

The Vumba Massacre – Special Feature

This month marks 40 years since 13 Elim missionaries were brutally killed in the Vumba Massacre. Opening this special tribute is Stephen Griffiths, whose parents Peter and Brenda led the mission but were in Britain on furlough during the attack… The murders made headlines around the world. Here’s how The Washington Post reported the story Guerrillas Slay 12 at Rhodesian …

Comedian Russell Brand Prays Daily – Brand’s Awareness Over Jesus

COMEDIAN Russell Brand says the teachings of Jesus are more relevant than ever before. The star explained how he has turned his back on his bad boy reputation and has now been free from drug and alcohol addiction for 15 years. He said: “My personal feeling is the teachings of Christ are more relevant now than they’ve ever been. When stripped of the cultural inflection …

Atheist Reporter Who Made Headlines – Lee Strobel

MOVIE MADE OF MAN’S STORY – At the peak of his career as an award winning journalist at the Chicago Tribune, Lee Strobel’s world was turned upside down when his wife Lesley did the unthinkable and became a Christian. As a dedicated atheist, Lee didn’t know how to deal with the changes he was seeing in his wife, which resulted in a traumatic turn for …

Billy Graham – A Special Tribute

Billy Graham was a revered writer as well as an extraordinary orator. As well as writing books, he wrote columns for newspapers across the world. Here, he shared his concern that people were looking to politics and science as a solution to life’s problems… The vast majority of people around the world are looking to politics, science and education for the solution to life’s problems, …

Tiffany Johnson – God saved me from a shark attack

  Woman cried out to Jesus during snorkelling ordeal Mum-of-three Tiffany Johnson believes Jesus saved her life after a tiger shark tore off her arm from below the elbow. The 32-year-old from North Carolina was snorkelling off the coast of the Bahamas when the shark appeared and locked its jaws around her arm. But she believes God stepped in to save her. She said: “I look …

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