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God healed me as a child… now I’m a boxing world champion, says Chris Van Heerden

Chris was diagnosed with diabetes aged three and doctors said he must never do contact sport   IBO welterweight champ Chris Van Heerden believes that God healed him as a child. At just three months old, doc tors told Van Heerden’s parents he was strictly forbidden from any contact sport, but his dad believed God would heal his son. South African born Van …

Musician who was shot EIGHT times believes God saved his life

Marcus Stanley was left for dead after a street attack but saw an angel stood over him   A musician who was shot eight times believes God sent an angel to save his life. Pianist Marcus Stanley, who at Easter spoke about his ‘miracle’ recovery to churchgoers, was attacked in Baltimore, Maryland, in 2004 after realising he didn’t have his wallet. He …

My daughter’s life was saved by prayers

Natalie Grant asked fans on social media to pray for her daughter Christian singer/songwriter Natalie Grant has told how prayers from across the world gave her strength through her daughter’s severe illness. Grace Ana, Grant’s eight-year-old girl, was rushed into hospital on December 28 after the skin around her mouth turned blue. Doctors immediately sent her to intensive care, where they found complications with asthma, …

The Cop who Became a Crook

FORMER COP-TURNED-CROOK REVEALS HOW GOD ROCKED HIS WORLD   Simon Pinchbeck was a rising star in the Met Police, but slipped into a life of crime and hit the rocks when he lost his job after being found guilty of assault. After switching to a criminal life, he then had an incredible encounter with God …

Kidnap victim saved by miracle

Kidnap victim says God saved her after the gun-wielding thugs threatened to kill her after putting a ransom on her life Three men carjacked Victoria Oyekpen and drove her at gunpoint into a forest. Mrs Oyekpen – who is a chief magistrate of Nigeria and wife of an Anglican minister in the African nation – …

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