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J.John – Remembering the Miracle of Dunkirk

The power behind the Dunkirk deliverance The Big Picture by J.John As well as providing a lavish and moving spectacle, Christopher Nolan’s epic film, Dunkirk, reminds us of one of the more extraordinary events of the Second World War. Many of us are uneasy about war stories, particularly those that revel in the quantity of death and destruction we unleashed on our …

Discerning the signs of the times

On the first Sunday after the bombing of Pearl Harbour in 1941, the American Pentecostal Evangel carried an article by Iowa evangelist and later Kansas City pastor, William E Long. This article was based around Matthew 24, asking readers the question posed in Matthew 16:3, “Can you not discern the signs of the times?” A few years ago …

George Beverly Shea: The gospel baritone who performed for presidents

Grammy-winning gospel singer and longtime associate of Billy Graham, George Beverly Shea became perhaps the most widely heard gospel artist in history, appearing before an estimated 200 million people at graham revival meetings worldwide. Incredibly, Shea was still singing as he embarked on his second century. He often blamed Billy Graham for his longevity as a singer, …

Cast yourself on Christ

Andrew Murray (1828–1917) was a South African theologian, teacher, pastor and revivalist whose legacy is still felt today through his writings. Andrew Murray, an evangelist from South Yorkshire, draws out spiritual lessons for us to learn from his life   The first lesson we can learn from the life of Andrew Murray is his hunger …

The pulpit needs divine unction

Without unction on the preacher the gospel has no more power to propagate itself than any other system of truth, writes EM Bounds   In the Christian system, unction is the anointing of the Holy Ghost, separating unto God’s work and qualifying for it. This unction is the one divine enablement by which the preacher …

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