Amanda Jane Cooper
Amanda Jane Cooper: "I need a Saviour. I can’t do it for myself.”

“Wow, there is a God who sees me and loves me!”

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Broadway actress Amanda Jane Cooper reveals how God’s love has changed her.

Broadway star and TV actress Amanda Jane Cooper says finding God has set her from a life of disorder and pornography to live a successful life.

Cooper, who is best known for her roles in ‘Glee’, ‘Bones’ and ‘CSI’, as well as taking the lead in the Broadway hit ‘Wicked’ as Glinda, revealed all of her dreams became a reality after discovering her Christian faith.
However, life could have been very different for the high-flying actress had she not encountered the love of God.

She said: “Success started to slowly become my god and I said, ‘Oh, OK. If I can achieve this, if I can, if this role or something… then I’ll, I’ll be enough.”

It was during the same period of time Cooper developed an ‘eating disorder out of seemingly nowhere’. She battled bulimia and it got so severe she once burst a blood vessel in her eye after forcing herself to purge. Cooper hated her body and starved herself during the day and binge ate at night.


She admitted: “I was so confused. I was like, ‘I have everything why am I not OK?’”

Feeling lost and obsessed with her body image, the Pennsylvania native was also leading a promiscuous lifestyle and became a self-confessed pornography ‘addict’.

Cooper lived in a place of anxiety and self-hatred until she met a woman by the name of Alice Issac, who ‘loved her back to life’. The two met at a Hollywood party and it was Issac who shared Jesus with the star.

Cooper said: “She was my mentor and the hands and feet of this Jesus that I had heard about in my childhood.

“And to think, wow, there’s a God who sees me and knows me and loves me despite knowing all about me. My soul just knew this is what I need. I need a Saviour. I can’t do it for myself.”

Cooper is now bold in her faith and has recommitted herself to abstaining from sex and wants to save herself for marriage. Her eating disorder is gone and she gladly shares her testimony with others.

She added: “It’s crazy, the redemption where he’s allowed me to help other people who might be experiencing some of the same things.

“Because of Jesus, because of God, my identity is as his daughter. And my worth, no matter if I’m in a princess gown or if I’m in my sweatpants or if I’m high achiever or going through it, I can be sure that I am loved, forgiven, seen, known, free.”

From iBelieve Magazine issue 76.

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