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Why we must celebrate the cross

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The Cross Remains

Easter is past, but the cross remains. While we believers love to glory in the resurrection, we should not forget that it was on the cross of Calvary that Christ triumphed. It was there his work was finished.

That Jesus would rise again was a foregone conclusion – the grave simply could not hold him. That the Eternal One should die was unthinkable! Yet, how else could God rescue humanity?

The very fabric of the cosmos would be torn to shreds

“Why not just forgive and forget?” someone will ask. “Why not simply acknowledge our sin, but say it doesn’t matter?” You are forgetting the truly vile horror of the disease we call sin and the reality of the battle between good and evil.

If God were to turn a blind eye to our sins, Satan would have a field day. The One whose name is Justice would have been caught out cheating. The very fabric of the cosmos would be torn to shreds. For the cornerstone of creation is this: a day is coming when God will judge the world – every wrong will be put right, and every good deed will find its reward. This hope would be shattered if the Judge were found to be some lenient old fool who nods off during the debate and pardons people on a whim. See how much comfort that image is to the person who has suffered all his life, but holds on to his integrity because there is a day coming when he will have to give an answer for the deeds done while in the body.

Jesus Did What No Other Could

And the notion of easy forgiveness misses how vile sin is. It bends and twists humanity until right becomes wrong, and light turns to darkness. When we give in to sin, it becomes our master and we become its slaves. We find ourselves doing things that once were unthinkable, but now seem reasonable. What has changed? Sin has entered in, and instantly it goes to work on our consciences, dulling their senses, then it attacks our eyes, so that what once looked evil now appears good. And on it goes, until a seemingly reasonable man will lie and cheat and steal – and believe it is all just the way life is.

Do we really think that something so evil can be put right by simply letting people off? You might as well give an aspirin to a man with AIDS. He is under a sentence of death, and what he needs is a cure. So do we.

And on the cross Jesus did what no other could do: he bore our sins in his body and suffered the punishment I deserve. In him, and in him alone, I find not only forgiveness, but freedom, and the power to live free from sin. Let’s celebrate the cross!

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