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Why Political Correctness Will Never Be True

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Many stages of growth

When a farmer plants a seed, of wheat for example, there are many stages of growth before we actually see anything. And there are many more stages before the field is waving with the wind, ready for harvest. The same is true spiritually.

The church has been pruned back

The Church of Jesus Christ in Britain has been pruned back, almost to the point of seeming non-existence. But we who remain should remember that pruning is only a stage on the route to greater fruitfulness. (Jn 15:2) God has cut back the Church in this nation, but only in the certainty that life will force its way through and the new growth will be vigorous and strong.

And we are undoubtedly on the road to recovery. The stages of life are taking place within us. The pain of the pruning is dimming as life force begins to surge again.

One of those stages is a renewed confidence in the gospel which is helping to overcome what is possibly the most insidious of the diseases affecting our nation at this time – Political Correctness.

It is not PC to say that there is only one way to God – through the Lord Jesus Christ – and that all other paths are futile attempts. It may not be PC, but it is true.

It is not PC to say that all have sinned and that the wages of sin is death. Again, not PC, but true.

It isn’t Politically Correct to say that God has commanded all men to repent!

It is not PC to point out that homosexuality is a sin to be repented of – along with adultery, theft, drunkenness etc. But no preacher of the Bible can say anything else. (1 Cor 6:9)

And it certainly isn’t PC to say that God has commanded all men everywhere to repent! But he has.

Which do we want; a sterile PC message which will consign all churches to barrenness and death, or to preach the message of the Bible and to hell with PC (which is where it belongs)? I know what my aim is, and I see a growing confidence in the ministers of our land to stand for the truth whatever the cost. Remember, it is the truth that sets men free.

One of the things which should bring us comfort is that Christianity never has been PC. Preaching the good news about the resurrection of Christ in the very same city where top-level political intrigue had him murdered just weeks before is a text-book case in point. But it was right then, and it still is right today.

There is only one way to God. Sin does demand punishment. And God has commanded all men everywhere to repent.

Let’s preach it.

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