We’re being called to be filled with the Spirit

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Australian pastor David Hall (pictured above) says he can’t wait to speak at ELS about awakening. And here’s why …

Awakening is an Ephesians 5 call to believers

In Ephesians 5:14 the Bible says: “Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead and Christ will shine on you.” God isn’t talking to the world here, he’s talking to believers! He’s calling us to wake up, rise from the dead and be filled with the Spirit.

This means awakening to the fullness of God, to moves of the Spirit, to Pentecost and to signs and wonders.

We’re already seeing awakening worldwide

We’re already seeing a real awakening for these things around the world – I travel a lot and I’ve seen it everywhere! There’s a fresh hunger; God is moving and people are talking about the Holy Spirit again.

The church has gone through fire the past few years, but that’s what’s brought people to this place.

I’m seeing fresh outpourings in places that were dry.

The gifts of the Spirit are in operation and the winds of Pentecost are blowing across the world again.

I haven’t seen that since I was a teenager.

Awakening is firing up Adelaide

My church, Revival City, has three locations across Adelaide and we saw more salvations last year than we’ve ever seen before.

We’ve always had a big emphasis on the Holy Spirit, but there’s definitely a sense of momentum, growth and faith.

We’ve seen people baptised in the Holy Spirit, praying in tongues and getting fired up for the things of God.

We’ve also seen miracles of healing – people have come with really serious cancer diagnoses and are now cancer-free.

Elim is rooted in awakening

Did you know that much of what God has done in Australia can trace its roots back to Kensington Temple in London? The Jeffreys brothers laid hands on a young man, TL Evans, who brought the baptism of the Spirit to Papua New Guinea.

Then his son Andrew went on to lead Assemblies of God, planting a new church every week for 20 years and building Australia’s largest church.

Pastor Andrew’s son Russell founded Planetshakers, one of the largest churches in Australia.

Lord, would you do this again?”

Awakening is coming to England

England is hungry.

I’ve preached here quite a bit, most recently in Manchester, Leeds and London. People are being saved and in one service in Manchester 200 people came forward for the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

I can’t wait to come to ELS! I love preaching and ministering to pastors and I pray that people will come hungry, expectant and excited for what they know God can do!

David Hall is senior pastor of Revival City Church in Adelaide.

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