Duty to Die

We Must Defeat The ‘Duty To Die’ Lobby Says Lyndon Bowring

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Lyndon Bowring, Executive Chairman of CARE, comments on the causes close to the heart of the Christian community

Every human life is created in God’s image and exceedingly precious to him. That’s why he gives us the privilege and responsibility of taking care of humankind. This is especially true for those who are defenceless, voiceless and vulnerable.

I vividly remember when the doctor broke the news to my wife Celia and me that her father had inoperable cancer, with only months to live. We were relieved that there was no option of requesting the doctor to administer a cocktail of lethal drugs to prematurely end his life. Celia’s dad was very anxious not to be a ‘burden’, so he may well have requested it.

We were deeply grateful for the fantastic care he received at the local hospice in those months before he died peacefully in his sleep.

Britain leads the world in hospice care, and currently 200,000 people in the UK with terminal or life-limiting illnesses are being brilliantly helped each year. Pain relief is now so advanced in the UK that nobody need fear dying in intolerable pain.

Some people argue that choosing when to die is a human right. Fear of being a burden, of suffering, of loss of control and dignity in dying is very real. I recently met with a Christian Senior Consultant in Palliative Medicine who told me of her concern at how the all-important trust between doctor and patient is damaged where assisted suicide is legalised.

This article was taken from the December 2019 issue of Direction Magazine.

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