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Simplest Bacteria More Complex Than A Jumbo Jet!

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Evidence points to intelligent design

Scientists have discovered that the earliest life on earth was complicated, and shows that we were designed and didn’t evolve, reports Andrew Halloway

The oldest single-celled bacteria ever found contain intricate, synchronised motors more complex than a jet airliner.

This shows that the very earliest life on earth was immensely complex right from the beginning, rather than simple organisms from which everything more complicated then evolved.

The startling discovery of this ancient marine bacterium, named MO-1, was made in November 2012 by two scientific groups from Osaka University in Japan and Aix-Marseille Université in France. They set out to uncover the power behind the tiny tails (flagella) that allowed the MO-1 to swim.

a modern jet in flight

The thought of a modern jetliner evolving is laughable. Yet the simplest bacterium is even more complex

Using electron cryotomography – an electron microscope and very cold temperatures – they found this creature’s tails are powered by seven motors, arranged in a hexagonal array, with all gears interacting with 24 smaller gears between them. To discover that such a ‘simple’ organism has a micro 24 gear planetary gear- box, synchronously driven by seven proton-powered motors complete with clutches, modulators and anti-skid sen- sors is breathtaking.

Helicopter pilot and technician Mark Rose says: “As someone who worked with planetary gear systems, the evolu- tion of such technology is laughable.”

The MO-1 was found in rock claimed to be three billion years old, making it the oldest, most complete single cell known to science.

Sources: Mark Ellis (; ‘Architecture of a flagellar apparatus in the fast-swimming magnetotactic bacterium MO-1’, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in the USA, vol. 109 no. 50,

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