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Living With the Sun-Kissed Smile of Heaven!

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Certainty of life

Christian believers enjoy a certainty of life and purpose that others can only dream of. When in trouble, they can pray. When they are happy, they always have someone who is worthy of a love song. When they are sick they have the prayer of faith and the promise of God to hold on to.

They live their lives confidently, basking in the never-failing love of the one who died purely to purchase blessings for them.

Yes, real fantastic pie!

And, while others are growing older, watching their lives slowly slipping away with each passing year, believers happily grow in the grace and favour of their Lord. They are not growing older so much as getting nearer day by day to the most exhilarating and fantastic future where there will never again be any sadness or sighing, and all tears will be eternally wiped away.

Pie in the sky? Yes, real, fantastic pie, the like of which we mere earthlings have only ever enjoyed the vaguest glimpse. Yet even that breathless whisper of heaven to come fills us with an indescribable joy and yearning for the real thing. “I long to depart,” says the Apostle Paul, “which is better by far.”

But we can’t go until God calls. And each day we remain he supplies the grace for every one of us to be an outstanding success. Add to all this the wonderful joy and peace that the Holy Spirit brings – whatever the weather – and any thinking person knows the path to choose. Life, for a believer, truly cannot get any better.

Repentance and faith are available to everyone

But the reality is that many of us settle for a lot less than all that is rightly ours – like those tribes of Israel who chose to live on the other side of the Jordan rather than to move on again into all that God had for them. And those who did go in to the Promised Land often forgot the God who had assured them of prosperity and success wherever they went. A lot of the time they were left eking out an existence in the hills while their enemies trampled all over their inheritance.

God forbid that we fail to learn from their mistakes! The truth is that this is the truth. Any single one of us can choose to live with the sun-kissed smile of heaven – or run for the umbrellas when we allow the clouds of sin, doubt and misery to destroy our faith.

I know which I am aiming for. And repentance and faith are available to every one of us. Why not use some today?

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