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Leaning Over The Balcony Of Heaven

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A bag of nerves

Sitting in the concert hall of the Royal Scottish Academy of Music, I was little more than a bag of nerves. My younger son, Jamie, was about to play in the national final for school wind bands, and they were last to go.

As I sat through the rest of the programme, I became increasingly anxious. The competition was just so strong. How did these kids learn to play so well?

By the time Jamie’s band filed onto the stage I was almost hiding under my chair. How could they possibly compete at this level? I was fully expecting them to sound like a bunch of beginners by comparison.

A little insight into heaven

Amazingly though, something strange happened. Under the control of their conductor, the fifty or so members of the band began to produce the most fantastic music. I sat there spellbound.

Jamie’s big part in the performance was a trumpet solo halfway through the band’s second piece. As he filled the hall with music, I was blown away. I had heard him practice a hundred times at home, but here and now, as a part of this outstanding performance, it seemed like nothing else mattered. And he was my boy!

I think I had a little insight into heaven that day – but not in quite the way you might imagine. For me, there was only one person on that stage that mattered. From the moment he walked on, to the end of his solo and the band’s final flourish, it was all about him. And I found myself reflecting afterwards how heaven must have hung over the balconies in awe as Christ walked onto the stage of human experience. How they must have held their collective breath in horrible anticipation as the time approached for his solo to be played out at Calvary.

God gave his only son

As a father, I wondered if I had caught a glimpse of what it meant when God gave his only Son for the sins of the world. But then it dawned on me – incredibly, God loves each and every one of us too. Even as Christ was laying down his life, he was doing it for me and for you.

Yes, heaven was leaning over the balconies to watch Jesus, but they are also rooting for me – and for you. How well will we perform today?

After all their hard work, Jamie’s band was awarded silver. It was a great result for them, but secretly I couldn’t help but wonder if the judges weren’t a little bit biased. In my book they took gold!

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