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Jesus didn’t die so you could be bored to death each Sunday!

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True love is an all or nothing affair.

It is a consuming passion that sweeps all opposition before it and despises talk of ‘going steady’ and ‘keeping things in proportion’. Taste love but once, and you’ll never be the same again. Poorer or richer for the experience – the choice is up to you.

I’m not talking about infatuation, which is short-lived and selfish. I’m talking about the strong, passionate, driving force that makes people care for the needs of others and helps them see the truth all at the same time. Like the Lord Jesus, who knew exactly what was in a man, yet chose to humble himself and lay down his life anyway. True love always has its origin in God.

Rather cold than lukewarm

Oddly enough, the opposite of love is not hate. It is not venom or anger or malice or spite – all of these demand passion. No, the opposite of love is something altogether less rousing – it is duty. Even open hatred is better than perfunctory love – going through the motions in affairs of the heart is so distasteful as to make you – quite literally – sick. As the Lord Jesus said, he’d rather that we be cold towards him rather than lukewarm.

Stand at a distance, and love and duty might appear to be similar. But look more closely, and it is easy to see the gulf that separates them from each other. For it is only when duty ends that love truly begins.

Love is never satisfied with the gifts it gives but duty does what is demanded and says ‘enough’.

Duty weighs the challenge and assesses the benefits, while love provokes us to action whatever the cost.

Love is patient and kind, while duty is busy demanding its rights.

Duty pays what is due and crows about it, but love is only sorry it cannot give more.

Love makes us richer than kings; mere duty earns shallow wages.

Duty draws the line at what is reasonable, but love will spend, spend and spend again.

Such a fantastic blessing

If you’re not sure, then you’ve never tasted love. You should – you must – do everything within your power to find the lover of your soul. It is what we were born for.

And I’m not talking about finding your ‘soul mate’ on planet Earth, even though that can be such a fantastic blessing. Even the richest of human relationships can only be ‘til death us do part’. But greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.

If you have never tasted true love, do so today. Jesus didn’t lay down his life on Calvary so that you could be bored to death each Sunday. Being loved makes you the richest person on the planet, so if you’re still ‘getting by’ then its high time you asked God for something more.

Pray, acknowledge your need and depend on his grace. Heaven will always hear the prayer of faith.

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