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How Important Is A Heap Of Bricks?

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The Measurement Of Success

True success is pretty difficult to measure. But measure it we must – otherwise we will be doomed to drift through life chasing after things that can never ultimately satisfy.

But how can you measure success? As happens so often, it seems easier to say what it is not, but if we start there we can at least clear away the rubbish and possibly catch a glimpse of the real prize.

Some of the more obvious contenders can be dismissed easily enough, simply by checking out their durability – if such and such is so important, how long will it last? Most cars are good for ten years or so before they are broken up for scrap – yet, incredibly, many people feel they have arrived, just because they drive a flashy motor.

Is “Having” More Important Than “Living”?

Of course, some things last a lot longer than that. But it is still important to realise that, however pretty it is, your house is actually only a heap of bricks on the ground. And what is the point of finding that perfect place if you have to work so hard to buy it that you barely find time to live there?

In today’s media-driven world we are particularly vulnerable to the allure of fame and fortune. Take whoever the latest football phenomenon is for example.

Strikers are often very young, exceptionally talented and paid mind-numbing amounts of money to do they enjoy most. Surely that is success? But a glance at former superstars shows that there might be more to it – the late sixties sensation George Best is very far from any picture of achievement today.

And in the West, where we enjoy so much prosperity, how is it that we are also reaping a whirlwind of divorce, broken families, crime and old-age loneliness? If that is success, I feel sure that most of us would prefer to fail. So let’s ask what true success would look like. How would it feel?

True Success

Well, plainly, it has to be something that lasts – much longer than your new car, your house or your career. Success must last right through to your deathbed – and even beyond if you are looking far enough.

For success simply cannot be measured in terms of money or ‘things’. You can always use a little more cash, no matter how much you have. But happiness doesn’t necessarily rise with your bank balance.

True success must work equally well whether I am rich or poor, young or old. It cannot be physical or financial: it must be faith-based. It can only be the joy and peace enjoyed by those who are filled with the Holy Spirit – a treasure which lasts through time and right on into eternity.

So let’s stay full of the Spirit. Never let go of this priceless treasure or let your faith grow cold. Peace and joy are prizes this world can never give, but it certainly can take them away.

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