Mica Paris
Singer, presenter and actress, Mica Paris has leant on her faith in Christ during the tough times

Star clung to faith when she saw brother’s killer

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Mica Paris has enjoyed chart hits and is an EastEnders star, but her life has seen real lows. During those times she’s turned to her faith…

Soul diva Mica Paris dug deep into her Christian roots 20 years ago at one of the worst moments of her life when she came face to face with the man who killed her brother Jason Phillips.

“When I saw this man for the first time at his court hearing there wasn’t any bitterness for me, just sadness,” explains Mica.

“This was a very powerful moment. I could have been filled with rage and bitterness. But instead, I just felt sadness when I looked at the man in the dock and saw the darkness in his life. It just made me thank Jesus that I don’t have this darkness.”

Mica’s ability to show such grace comes from her Christian upbringing having spent much of her childhood in a Pentecostal church in Islington in North London where her grandfather was the pastor.

And Easter was always a special time of celebration for her family.

“Instead of Easter eggs it was all about celebrating Jesus’ life. We would have prayer meetings and special dinners. Also because of my grandparents’ Caribbean roots we would also have bun and cheese which is a very Jamaican tradition as well.

Challenging business

“The music industry is a very challenging business. Being in the public eye everybody is loving you one minute and the next minute if you’re not flavour of the month you disappear. So, it’s a very up and down business.

“That’s where the faith comes in – it helps me realise this gift I have is from God and I’m just a servant here to touch the people with what I’ve been given.
“It doesn’t matter if I’m signed – it doesn’t matter if I haven’t got any money in the bank. I know when I open my mouth to sing, I’m here to do a job which is to affect the people listening.”

That calling to touch other lives is what motivated Mica to launch a Gospel album last year.

“During lockdown isolation is the worst thing you can give to a human being. We were made to be together and build each other up. My grandmother used to always say when you’re in a bind or a pickle you’ve just got to be with people who love and care for you because it helps you get through it.

“That’s why I recorded the Gospel album – not for me, but to send others a warm musical hug.”

About Mica
Mica Paris, is an English singer, presenter and actress. Born in Islington in North London, she moved to Brockley when she was nine. Paris released her debut album So Good in 1988 and has gone on to release seven further albums, including Whisper a Prayer (1993), Black Angel (1998), If You Could Love Me (2005), Soul Classics (2005), Born Again (2009) and Gospel (2020). In 2020, Paris was cast in the BBC soap opera EastEnders as Ellie Nixon.

From iBelieve Magazine issue 79.

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