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How Olivier Giroud Has Become An Alpha Male

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Online Alpha courses have become quite a hit during lockdown. Chelsea striker Olivier Giroud was one of thousands who took part.

French footballer Olivier Giroud has described Alpha online as a ‘fantastic experience’ that allowed him to share his faith with his mates.

Giroud, 34, signed up to the course during lockdown. He then posted a glowing endorsement video which was shared on social media by Rev Nicky Gumbel, of Holy Trinity Brompton.

Giroud said, “I did Alpha online this last two months. I have to say it was a fantastic experience… to share my faith with friends I invited to do Alpha… to share my faith not in a threatening way. I really enjoyed it, and I’m pleased my friends could enjoy it also. That’s the spirit!”

Giroud has certainly not shied away from sharing his faith in Christ. After being part of the 2018 World Cup-winning French side he said he was “very grateful to have the opportunity to live my dream. To live every single day for me is a day blessed.”

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He added, “Every time I read the words of the Holy Bible, it makes me feel grateful about everything that has happened to me, and positive.”

In 2019, together with other Christian players Lucas Moura, David Alcibiades and Paul-Jose M’Poku, Giroud organised a fundraising gala in London in aid of persecuted Christians. He said at the time: “It is unimaginable to see so many persecuted Christians in the world today. It’s amazing to have numbers like that – we have to talk about it. There needs to be awareness.”

And Giroud literally carries his faith on his sleeve: his right arm has a tattoo with the first line of Psalm 23 in Latin – ‘Dominus regit me et nihil mihi deerit’ – ‘The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want’.

And last year he was the guest editor of a Christian magazine in France. The frontman featured on a cover of ‘Jesus’, a French publication.

He added, “I try to speak about my faith whenever I can. I feel I have to use my media profile to talk about my commitment to Jesus Christ, and the matters that concern me.

“That is why I accepted the chance to edit September’s Jesus magazine. It’s very interesting for me.”


This article was taken from the October 2020 issue of Direction Magazine.

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