James Stacey
James Stacey says faith in Jesus Christ is the only sure way to find release

Schizophrenia sufferer’s joy at 30 years of freedom

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A 78-year-old campaigner is celebrating three decades of freedom from mental bondage.

James Stacey says faith in Jesus Christ is the only sure way to find release – and his own story bears this out.

James, who campaigns on behalf of sufferers of schizophrenia, said: “From the age of 22 to 48 I was treated with shock treatment and various types of medications.
“I battled through to perform regular work – as a newspaper reporter, bookshop manager, postman etc – which many schizophrenics do not even attempt.

“It is through continuing to live through faith, trusting the grace of the Lord Jesus that I have been able to enjoy my freedom for so long.” In addition to being completely free of schizophrenia for 30 years, James came off his medication after receiving a vision from God who spoke the words – “Enough is enough!”

“The most urgent and needful action required of sufferers of schizophrenia is to come into a real relationship with Jesus Christ which releases the Holy Spirit into their lives,” said James.

“Until a person knows Jesus personally, they have nothing to fight with.”

James writes a Weekly Encourager on his website, www.schizophreniadefeated.com.

From New Life Newspaper issue 321.


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