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Still Bewildered!

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Catching up with 24-7 Prayer’s Pete Greig

Two decades after pioneering the ground-breaking 24-7 Prayer movement, best-selling author, speaker and church planter Pete Greig is still bewildered by how God used him to instigate this ministry.

It was in the summer of 1999 while Pete and his wife Sammy had established a thriving church plant in Chichester that he knew something was still missing from his life.

pete greig pictured with his wife, Sammy

Pete with his wife, Sammy

He says, “Outwardly the church was growing, people were getting saved – we were very innovative. But inwardly I was dying. I was just so spiritually hungry; I was desperate to get to know God better. I felt that we were really weak and shallow on spirituality and prayer.

“Then I realised that prayer is the key to everything. So we started a prayer room, inspired by the 18th century Moravians who prayed non-stop for 100 years, converted John Wesley and changed the course of history. And we thought if they could do 100 years, we’ll try one month!

I’m not into prayer… I’m just into Jesus, so I talk to him

“We weren’t trying to start a movement; we were just a church that was bad at prayer trying to learn how to pray. Within three months it had gone viral.”

That one month has now become 20 years of non-stop 24-7 prayer reaching two thirds of the globe.

Pete remains overwhelmed by how all this happened, and how it then developed into a major outreach to the rave culture in Ibiza.

“I’m not into prayer… I’m just into Jesus, so I talk to him. And I suppose I’m not really into evangelism either. I hate evangelism but I’m into Jesus, so I talk about him to people. I almost don’t want to but sometimes I can’t help myself.

Who is Pete Greig?

Pete is a best-selling author, pastor and bewildered instigator of the 24-7 Prayer movement, which has reached more than half the nations on earth.

He is also the Senior Pastor of Emmaus Rd, Guildford, England, an ambassador for the NGO Tearfund, and a teacher at St Mellitus Theological College in London.

To find out more about the 24/7 prayer movement, visit their website: www.24-7prayer.com.

This article was taken from the January 2020 issue of Direction Magazine.

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