‘Son of Hamas’ turned to Jesus

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A former double agent for the Israelis had a Damascus road experience that turned him to Christ.

Mosab Hassan (pictured above), who was known as the Son of Hamas because his father founded the group, grew up causing trouble in the West Bank before switching sides.

Mosab was 18 when he was first arrested by the Israelis, for possessing weapons. He was severely beaten during interrogation and became a collaborator.

He was developing a close friendship with his contact for Israeli security agency Shin Bet, and he worked for them for 10 years.

In the midst of his shadowy activities, he was walking past the imposing Damascus Gate leading into Jerusalem’s Old City when he was invited to a Bible study, where he was introduced to the New Testament.

He was powerfully impacted by the words of Jesus – especially his ‘Sermon on the Mount’ and his call to “love your enemies” – which greatly affected his surveillance work. He even managed to persuade his bosses simply to arrest, rather than assassinate, dangerous men suspected of plotting mass murder.

He eventually broke away entirely from his Islamic roots and fully embraced Jesus as the Son of God. 

In his book, Son of Hamas, published by Tyndale Momentum and co-authored by Ron Brackin, he writes: “There is hope for peace in the Middle East, but it does not begin with political solutions or negotiations; it begins with the changing of individual hearts.”

From New Life Newspaper issue 352

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