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Simon Pinchbeck: The Cop Who Became A Crook

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Simon Pinchbeck was a rising star in the Met Police, but slipped into a life or crime and hit the rocks when he lost his job after being found guilty of assault. After switching to a criminal life, he then had an incredible encounter with God.

After 23 years in the police force, Simon Pinchbeck turned to a life of organised crime, chasing money with no limit. But it was only when his life was radically transformed by Jesus that he found true satisfaction.

Father-of-two Pinchbeck, 57, went from enforcing the law to breaking it and had murder on his heart when God stepped in and rescued him.

“I never knew my biological father growing up, my mum married when I was four, but to be honest, I didn’t get a lot of love from my parents,” Simon tells New Life.

“It wasn’t their fault. I’m pretty sure they did love me, but it was a generational thing, they didn’t know how to show it. That made me grow up with a hard heart. I grew up very selfish, not worrying about anyone but me.”

“I would swear on the Bible many times in court, but it meant nothing.”

At 18 Pinchbeck left his hometown Burton and joined the Metropolitan Police in the summer of 1976.

“I did all sorts of things in the police,” he recalls. “I started in Holloway, North London, worked on the buses, drove the fast cars and I was the police boxing champion.

“It was a macho sort of time for me. We were a real force to be reckoned with. Through all of that I was the farthest away from God I had ever been.

“I would swear on the Bible many times in court, but it meant nothing. It might as well have been a copy of FHM or the Woman’s Weekly.

“I did a lot of football duty in the police, that was one of my main things and I had a big moustache in those days… the fans all called me ‘The Walrus’.

“I realised I wasn’t invincible.”

“I did ten years policing at the Arsenal. I had many battles with football fans. I was the first into all the fights and thought the blue uniform made me invincible.”

Despite thriving from the adrenaline rush of Saturday afternoons, there was one incident that hit Pinchbeck more than ever.

simon pinchbeck pictured with his wife, Linda and his two sons, Tom and Jamie

“It was three weeks before I was due to get married in 1982. Arsenal played West Ham United, who at the time had the most organised group of hooligans, the Inter City Firm.

“They came into the North Bank of the Arsenal stadium and like a military operation attacked from the top, bottom, left and right and let off a red smoke bomb. I was the first officer into the middle and they all descended on me and I was lucky to escape with no injuries, but in the fighting an Arsenal fan was stabbed to death, all for a game. I realised I wasn’t invincible.”

Pinchbeck went on to marry his wife Linda, but the hard heart developed from childhood struggled to love.

“Did I love my wife? No. I just didn’t know how,” Pinchbeck admits. “My heart was hard. Linda would say, ‘I love you’, and ‘me too’ was about all she would get back.

This article was taken from the January 2016 issue of New Life Newspaper.

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