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Simon Edwards – Saved By His Cell Mate

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The ‘go-to’ man for some of Britain’s toughest gang leaders is now a preacher.

Simon Edwards was told he could spend the rest of his life behind bars after a string of armed robberies.

But after attempting suicide then being placed in the same cell as a born-again Christian, Simon turned to God.

simon edwards speaking at an event

Simon pictured speaking at an event

The former hard man now runs his own organisation helping men find faith in Christ.

Simon’s incredible transformation comes after years of crime, violence and drug abuse.

Having suffered in Britain’s foster care system before turning to drugs and crime, he was told he may never be released from prison.

“I felt such shame that I’d left a family behind for this. I had also created a lot of victims from so many crimes that I’d committed.

This article was taken from the Spring 2020 digital issue of New Life Newspaper.

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  1. Tremendous testimony of Simon and how God changed his life while in prison. Well written by Ben. Thank you Lord Jesus!

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