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My Life Is On Song Now Says April Shipton

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Woman’s fight with anorexia

The joy in April Shipton’s voice when she sings worship songs now shows no hint of her dark past.

As she stood in front of a mirror with self-hatred raging in her heart April heard a voice calling her ‘disgusting’.

That was the curse of anorexia and depression, but April has been healed after reconciling to Jesus Christ. April, a singer-songwriter from Ross-on-Wye has loving, Christian parents but began arguing with her mum when she was 17. In fact, they argued about everything.

April recalled: “I am so grateful for that wholesome, spiritual start in life with my parents. It kept me rooted throughout my childhood years, but as a teenager I rebelled and sought independence from a deteriorating relationship with my mum.”

The tension at home, alongside pressures of comparing herself to others at sixth form, triggered anorexia. April enjoyed the secret of being in control of her body, or so she thought. She’d eat just an apple one day, a bit of toast the next – and liked the attention of people commenting on her weight loss.

This article was taken from the December 2019 issue of New Life Newspaper.

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