Dig finds are backing up the Bible

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‘Bible memory man’ Professor Tom Meyer said archaeological finds keep backing up biblical accounts.

Meyer (pictured above), renowned for his ability to recount entire Bible books from memory, has pointed to the finding last year in Jerusalem of a moat consistent with scripture’s words on King David.

Meyer, who is an author, public speaker and professor at Shasta Bible College in California, told CBN: “When they dug in Jerusalem, they found a giant moat – a moat that dates from the time of David, a defensive fortification right in the city of Jerusalem.”

It follows an earlier Jerusalem discovery also linked to King David.

“We found in 1994 King David’s name on a monument in the gate at Tel Dan, which is the north pole of Israel,” Meyer added.

“Ever since then, we’ve been getting these little drips and drops of information about King David’s kingdom.”

The other finds include confirmation of important biblical figures.

“Bible archaeology has given us a tsunami of evidence that we already know – that all these people existed. 

“But we have proof their names. I think 50 to 100 people [who are] mentioned in the Bible, that person’s exact name – King David, Isaiah, the prophet, King Hezekiah, etc. – we found their names and archaeological objects, which demonstrates the reliability and the accuracy of scripture.”

Meyer said that, although the Bible stands as the authoritative word of God without the need for archaeological backing, the finds can help Christians share their faith.

Discoveries keep “revealing new information from the pages of the Bible” that can add important, factual support to biblical accounts, he added.

“You know how it is if you’re sharing your faith, or you’re evangelising. If you tell someone, ‘You need to believe the Bible because the Bible says it’s true,’ you’re going to get some pushback. 

“We don’t need archaeology to prove the Bible’s true. The Bible stands on its own. It’s totally authoritative in all manners.”

Meyer is the author of Archaeology and the Bible: 50 Fascinating Finds That Bring the Bible to Life.

In 2022, with six other Christians, he recited the whole New Testament, becoming the first in recorded history to achieve the feat.

He believes speaking the word of God has special power.

“At the time of Jesus people didn’t have a Bible in their homes, so you had to hear the Word of God.

“By having the Bible memorised, you have the mind of God close to you. 

“What God spoke to man is right there on your mind and you can provide words of comfort to people in times of need.”

From New Life Newspaper issue 354

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