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Christmas Story Still Gives Hope!

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Hollywood Producer’s thoughts on hard year

Hollywood Walk of Fame star Roma Downey has spoken of how the story of Christmas gives her hope despite many struggles.

Londonderry-born Downey made it onto Hollywood’s renowned Walk of Fame for her work as an actress and producer.

One of her most notable works is ‘The Bible’ series, which portrays the narrative of Scripture.

But life has not been plain sailing.

She said: “I can’t help but reflect upon the last twelve months and to be honest sometimes it felt as though the valleys were deeper than the mountains were tall. Perhaps some of you can relate?

Roma Downey with husband Mark Burnett

Roma with her husband, television producer Mark Burnett

“For me, this year has been challenging, filled with personal heartache and loss as well as truly traumatic events in our community.

“Losing my brother last autumn broke my heart and I still feel waves of grief wash over me even as I write. Then several weeks ago we got an urgent call to evacuate our home due to rapidly approaching, out-of-control wildfires. After weeks of evacuation, uncertainty and anxiety we are finally back in our home. We are more fortunate than many families here in our hometown of Malibu as at least we have a home to return to.”

This article was taken from the December 2019 issue of New Life Newspaper.

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