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Atheists Baffle Me, Says Cliff Richard

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It takes more faith!

You need more faith than any Christian to be an atheist, reckons Sir Cliff Richard. The singer made the remark in response to LBC presenter Iain Dale asking him why some people in the UK regard religious people as being ‘a little bit odd and weird’.

Cliff responded: “I know and I don’t understand why, because you have to have even more faith than any Christian on this planet [or] any Jew on this planet... to be an atheist.

The simplicity of Jesus

“And yet they believe in that atheism. They believe in all sorts of things that I think myself I don’t know how they can do it, because there’s absolutely no proof to there being nothing.

“Also, I want to question the Big Bang. What Big Bang? Who Big Bang? Who saw it? Who heard it? Where?

“We’re now recognising other black holes and they say there are other universes, and yet somehow for some reason the simplicity of Jesus [and] a God that might love individuals is beyond their ability to believe in. So it’s very strange. I don't understand it.”

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