Dr Rachel Jordan-Wolf
Dr Rachel Jordan-Wolf says the Talking Jesus Report gives 'real hope for the future of the church'.

‘Never a better time to make Jesus known’

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Research into the UK church reveals “there has never been a better time” for Christians to share their faith.

The Talking Jesus Report, carried out by Savanta ComRes and backed by groups including the Evangelical Alliance and HOPE Together, is designed to show what people think of Jesus, how non-Christians view churchgoing friends, and to explore the evangelism landscape.

It has revealed a huge post-pandemic appetite to hear about Jesus and a positive attitude toward Christians.

Dr Rachel Jordan-Wolf, executive director at HOPE Together, said: “It gives us real hope for the future of the church and encouragement that now is the moment for evangelism. It reaffirms that, post-pandemic, there has never been a better time, or more need, for us as Christians to invest in making Jesus known.”

Among the key findings are:

  • 45 per cent believe in the resurrection
  • 1 in 3 non-Christians, after talking with a Christian, want to know more about Jesus
  • 53 per cent of non-Christians know a practising Christian
  • 20 per cent believe Jesus is God

Rachael Heffer, head of mission at the Evangelical Alliance, added: “It presents good news for the church and individual Christian witnesses. It goes to reaffirm that our non-Christian friends think well of us and there is ever-greater openness to hear stories of faith.”

From New Life Newspaper issue 332.

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