Liz Dodd
When Liz Dodd set off on a world tour she never expected to encounter God

My world changed as I cycled around globe!

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An epic bike ride made Liz Dodd consider the true meaning of life… and led to an amazing discovery.

Former journalist-turned-explorer Liz Dodd had no intention of exploring faith. But her cycle journey around the world led to her discovering an authentic relationship with God.

Setting off on a journey around the world on two wheels, Dodd began to ponder the whole meaning of life. And she ended up surrendering her life to Jesus Christ.

She says: “Are you still there? I wondered, tentatively, of God, during a coffee break on my first day cycling around the world.

“If someone told me before my trip that God would feature so highly, I would have been surprised. God was not invited when I decided to chuck in my job as a journalist, leave my idyllic Islington house share and take off to see the world by bike.”

Dodd had never expected Christianity to be her main musing along the way, but found it to be increasingly the case.

She adds: “It felt like God invited himself along when, a few months before I set off, a colleague invited me to an evangelical church plant and, to my amazement, my heart bound itself quickly and suddenly to this radical congregation.

Stronger faith

“‘Don’t get attached,’ I wanted to say to my new friends, to myself and to Jesus. But in those frantic last weeks, as I repacked my bags and Googled how to mend punctures, my fragile faith got stronger.

“It galvanised every time God came alongside me when I woke up in a cold midnight terror because I’d forgotten to check the visa regulations for Myanmar.

“Faith is just a temporary crutch, I thought, as I wheeled my loaded bike off the ferry in Holland. A helpful go-to in times of need. Like when I crossed into Germany late one night and realised I had nowhere to sleep.

“I called out to God… and rode straight into an open campsite.”

Along the road, God even spoke through other people via prophetic messages as Dodd’s faith strengthened.

She says: “One person came to me and said they got this prophetic sense that God has set you free from some kind of stronghold. I think it may be to do with self-sufficiency.

“As I meditated on her message on my bike that day, I realised that Mexico, Central and South America still lay ahead. And that there would still be times when I would wonder where God was. Like that first morning in Essex, or in Kazakhstan or in Cambodia.

“But now I knew not to look for him in a lightning bolt or a pillar of cloud, because I didn’t have to. He was already wherever I was.”

From iBelieve Magazine issue 75.

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