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A bag is donated to a child in care every time a MADLug product is sold

MADLug: Packing a message of hope

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A luggage company is helping give dignity to children in care through sales of its backpacks and bags.

Madlug (Make a Difference Luggage) operates an innovative scheme where an attractive bag is donated to a child in care each time one of their products is sold.

The company, which has given away more than 20,000 bags, was launched when founder Dave Linton discovered children were forced to carry their belongings in bin bags when moving homes within the care system.

“These are disposable bags that we put rubbish into, and what that does is send the message to the children that they are worthless and their things are worthless,” he said in an interview with Christian Today.

“When someone puts our things into something that is used for rubbish, it devalues the whole person.”

Bags given to children feature the message ‘You are incredible’ with the words ‘value’, ‘worth’ and ‘dignity’.

“The bags fold up in such a way that those words show on the front… every time the children see it they are reminded that they have this incredible value, worth and dignity,” said Linton.

There are more than 90,000 children in care across the UK.

From New Life Newspaper issue 319

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