Brian Welch
Brian Welch: I sacrificed job, career, and money to follow Jesus

Life of Brian (Welch) after metal

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American alternative metal band Korn were once top of the charts.

But founding member Brian Welch is now shouting from the rooftops on a new subject of, ‘Loud Krazy Love’ after becoming a Christian believer.

Brian, known affectionately to fans as ‘Head’, has released a new auto-biographical documentary, where he shares his personal journey to finding faith in Jesus.

Following Jesus

He said: “Mostly everybody in the band were raging party maniacs. Being around this atmosphere and trying to be sober didn’t work. So I sacrificed that job, the career, the money. I said: ‘I’m following Jesus now. I can’t do this anymore.’”

Although Welch has found mentors, his greatest discovery was the open door to a direct relationship with God through the Bible and prayer.

Brian added: “People told me that the big thing is that the Holy Spirit will teach you and you can go to the Scriptures yourself. There is an open door directly to God, directly to Jesus Christ. I think that we need to get our foundation on that intimate relationship with him ourselves, because when things come in this planet, like the coronavirus, people get fearful.

“If you have your relationship with God yourself, you will have a strong peace in the midst of devastation.”

From New Life Newspaper issue 319

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