Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer
A huge Christian landmark is to be built beside the motorway in Coleshill just outside of Birmingham

Landmark to declare Jesus hears prayer and answers

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Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer is a project to build a Christian landmark in a prominent location in the heart of the UK between the M6 and the M42 motorways near Birmingham.

This piece of public art will be constructed out of a million bricks, each one representing an answered prayer shared by an individual from our nation, over history as well as by the current generation.

It will be a national landmark declaring ‘Jesus is alive… He listens… He answers’.

The vision of this project is to create a nation of storytellers: to transform the culture of the country, to become one where stories of the miraculous can become part of the nation’s consciousness; and where Christians are emboldened to share their personal stories of how the Lord answered their prayers.


Richard Gamble is the visionary behind the colossal project to build Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer.

First conceiving the idea in 2004, it was a whole decade before he felt the go-ahead to launch the project in 2015.

For the past five years Richard has shared the incredible concept all around the UK, rallying people behind the belief that one individual’s answered prayer can be another person’s hope.

After becoming a Christian in 1990 Richard studied at Bible college and then worked for British Gas before leaving the corporate world to make his mark in entrepreneurship, co-founding both a software business and a marketing consultancy.

With a keen love of football, he became CEO of Sports Chaplaincy UK, and was former chaplain of Leicester City Football Club (before they became famous for winning the Premiership!)
Richard lives in Leicestershire and is married with three children.

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