Danielle Gault working on the pages of a new edition of UCB’s Word for Today

I’m now responsible for the publication I used to hate…

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Danielle Gault would get angry with her mum when she gave her copies of Word for Today – but she now heads the team that prints it

“It’s mind-blowing how you can go from hating God’s Word to being responsible for a publication that brings it into 400,000 homes,” says Danielle Gault.

Danielle, who is marketing coordinator at UCB, manages the broadcaster’s devotional, Word For Today, and is passionate about sharing the gospel.
This enthusiasm, she explains, is a far cry from the days when she was a “raging atheist” on a path to self-destruction.

“My dad died when I was six, and I became extremely angry with God,” she says of her childhood in Northern Ireland.

“I was a self-destructive teenager; I took drugs, drank, and got mixed up with the wrong crowd. I was self-harming and suicidal. I went to university to study environmental science and specialised in evolution and earth sciences in order to prove God didn’t exist.

“Then after uni, I worked abroad for five years. I found solace in running away from the trauma I’d experienced and being somewhere I felt safe, accepted and loved for who I was.”

Throughout this time, Danielle’s mum Mary – who Danielle describes as “an absolute prayer warrior” – battled in prayer for her daughter. She maddened Danielle by playing UCB at home and sneaking much-hated copies of Word For Today into her bags as she travelled.

But the power of Mary’s prayers was evident one Easter when Danielle’s life dramatically changed.

“Mum brought me home after a party. I was a hungover mess, full of shame and remorse.

“Three days later I’d been having panic attacks. Mum said, ‘God has the power to break the stronghold of fear in your life. If you let me pray for you, he will take it away.’

“God started speaking to me there, in the ashes of my life. I fell to my knees on the kitchen floor and said, ‘Mum, I need Jesus, please help me.’”
Danielle gave her life to Christ and experienced an amazing transformation. She read her Bible from cover to cover, joined Carrickfergus Elim Church, was baptised and was shocked one morning to wake up speaking in tongues.

Soon afterwards, her connection with UCB began when a rep for the broadcaster visited the print shop where she was working. Danielle was invited by UCB to record her testimony. The film went viral – with reports of people being healed of arthritis in Australia and coming to faith in chip shops.

Danielle joined UCB’s Ambassadors Team and travelled the length of the UK sharing her testimony. Then earlier this year, she was offered a full-time role with UCB’s Prayerline. But just as she was set to begin, life took another unexpected turn.

“I was meant to move to England in May, but as I was going through security at Manchester Airport I collapsed with a huge first-time seizure.

“My mum got down on the floor beside me, praying in tongues in the middle of the airport, surrounded by security staff. A Christian security guard rushed to lay hands on me and intercede too – in front of all her colleagues.

“I was in hospital for eight days and was diagnosed with epilepsy.”

This experience allowed Danielle to share her testimony once again. “I talked to other patients about Jesus. It was the best mission field ever. People found excuses to come and talk to me. They poured their hearts out and I prayed and shared Scriptures with them.”

Danielle was devastated that her epilepsy left her unable to drive and therefore to take up her Prayerline role. But her current job soon became available and her previous work experience in printing and marketing meant she was perfectly placed to accept it.

This expertise immediately proved invaluable as UCB adapted to ministering during lockdown.

“At UCB, we wanted to know how we could help people when their natural response would be full-blown fear and panic. We have God’s Word that encourages the opposite, so we looked at how we could get it into people’s homes.

“We launched a 90-day devotional from Debby Gass and gave away thousands of copies. We launched several reading plans through YouVersion too.”

Danielle’s work and the opportunities she has had to share God’s Word, despite her epilepsy diagnosis, are testament to a transformation she never dreamed possible.

“God can turn any situation around. Sometimes his answer to your prayers doesn’t look anything like you’d expect, but actually, it’s so much better.

“He redeemed my hatred for Word For Today to the point where my absolute passion now is to communicate God’s Word through it.

From Direction Magazine issue 225

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